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MASS Communications is proud to announce the merger with Windstream Enterprise. Darren Mass, the founder of MASS Communications, is joining the Windstream Enterprise leadership team and his staff will continue to serve you.

We are excited to join forces with Windstream, a leading provider of advanced network communications and technology solutions for businesses, enterprise organizations and wholesale customers. The combination of our two companies will provide our customers with access to a more comprehensive suite of advanced business communications services, competitive pricing, increased reliability and an unmatched level of customer service.

Ready to experience the MASS difference?  Let's Talk. 1.866.791.MASS [6277]

  • The MASS team has been excellent to work with. Always available to help in any situation.

    - Martin, Printing

  • To be quite honest, I was blown away by the quality of service at MASS Communications... I can’t remember the last time a vendor called me after hours on my cell to follow up on a problem that wasn’t even theirs to begin with.  Just flat out, exceptional service!

    - Matt, Wealth Management

  • It's always a pleasure working with everyone at MASS Comm.

    - Samuel, Telecom

  • Great support from the Help desk, when needed. Always ahead of the game, and that’s where we want all of our suppliers!

    - Mark, Hotelier

  • We just switched everything over to MASS last year, we were nervous of course, but that all melted away in hours.  The support and Customer Service is Top Notch...

    - Dan, Fleet Safety Provider

  • ...It was a relief to know that we were working with MASS.

    - Pat, Legal

  • I work with MASS Comm on a daily basis. Their employees are industry veterans and true professionals who understand the marketplace and where the industry is heading. They very creative in their offerings and always want to educate themselves as new products and applications are introduced...

    - Joe, IT

  • We’ve been with MASS about 3 years now and from day 1 it has been nothing but an outstanding overall experience... The service, professionalism and hand holding they offer is truly 2nd to none!  I have and will continue to recommend them highly!  Thank you for taking such good care of us!

    - Angela, Executive Office Rentals

  • MASS Comm goes above and beyond. Excellent Customer Service!

    -Arron, Legal

  • From the first consultation to the installation and the continuing excellent customer service, MASS has been the best provider we have ever dealt with. We push a lot of data, most of it video. MASS helped us make the right choices for our business. Over a year after our install, I attribute much of our success to having strong backbone services. 5 stars for MASS. No doubt.

    - Xander, Production

  • ...Moving to MASS Communications has been a refreshing change in the telecom world for us... I would highly recommend MASS Communications to any company looking to upgrade their telecom needs.

    - Steve, Software

  • MASS has a Dream team! Proactive monitoring! They are years ahead of the others!...

    - Vinicius, Advertising

  • No other provider has ever been as proactive as MASS Comm. Hats off to them!

    - Jeff, Marketing

  • ...In the past year, we switched over carriers to work with MASS... We appreciate the structured technical expertise as well as efficient customer support... MASS has diligently worked to exceed our expectations. We strongly recommend MASS as a telecommunications service provider.

    - James, Finance

  • MASS Communications service has absolutely been the BEST!... They are courteous, knowledgeable and professional and always with a friendly smile!

    - Dan, Member Benefits

  • It is my utmost pleasure to recommend MASS Communications for any of your essential telecommunication needs. We have been a MASS client for almost a year now and I can say with the greatest confidence that they are by far my favorite vendor to work with. Finding an IT provider that is pro-active and values customer service is very rare these days... If you are looking for a great solutions partner look no further MASS Communications is the one!

    - Peter, Advisory Services

  • MASS Comm goes above and beyond what I was expecting. Very friendly and client oriented. From install to day to day operation, no disappointments...

    - Vincent, Insurance/Workers Comp.

  • MASS Communications has always met and/or exceeded my expectations. I work in hotel operations, and it is sometimes difficult to get support from vendors after office hours. MASS has consistently been responsive and offered exceptional customer service...

    - Thao, Hospitality

  • We have experienced flawless customer service...

    - Jonathan, Legal

  • We have never had an issue since we have switched over to MASS Communications. Before we are even aware a problem is developing, one of their team is in contact with us to gives us details of what is transpiring... life is much smoother knowing these folks are on the job.

    - Jeff, Healthcare

  • Everyone stays on top of any issues and keeps us informed.

    - Vernon, Retail

  • I would like to commend everyone at MASS Communications for doing such a great job!  I really appreciate the personalized service, pro-activeness and follow through. They keep their word, always deliver and are available 24/7. I am not a ticket number to them, but an actual person which I love...

    - Tiffeny, Hospitality

  • I can’t say enough good things about the entire organization... I wish all vendors were as good at communication as MASS.

    - Don M., Design

  • The MassComm team is very enjoyable to work with. Their knowledge of the industry is bar none. No matter who we speak with at MassComm from a priority crisis to a simple scheduled cut over we are always pleased with the end result in support...

    - Rich D., Telecom

  • MassComm went through great lengths to make sure I had support when trouble shooting something as small as a SIP trunk. There responsiveness and expertise saved the day. I really do recommend them to everyone I know.

    - Bill S., Investment Relations

  • I replaced 4 carriers across the country with Mass Communications. The entire team was excellent from bottom up. The level of hand-holding and responsiveness throughout the process is unmatched anywhere else in the telecom industry. You will not regret switching to Mass Communications.

    - Rajan K. , Advertising

  • …there are a few companies that could learn from you all with customer service!

    - John, Photography

  • We have worked with Masscomm for over a year and the team is great to work with. We feel like they really care about us and have often gone the extra-mile. They have helped us with projects on weekends, early mornings and even late nights. We know we are in good hands...

    - Raheem S., Non-Profit

  • While no telcomm service is 100% stable, when I do have issues, Mass Comm responds with lightning speed and efficiency.

    - Brian H., Real Estate

  • Very refreshing to have an ISP that is as customer oriented as MassComm. Their NOC is really on point.

    - Mark, Security

  • Mass Comm responds with lightning speed and efficiency...

    - Raymond, Retailer

  • We are a new client of Mass Comm and everything so far has been fantastic!

    - Ryan, TV Production

  • BEST business internet we could ever have asked for... Best customer service experience I’ve had in years. I highly recommend MassComm!

    - Lauren, Digital Creative Agency

  • We rely on MASS for all of our domestic internet needs and they provide a great service to us in monitoring our connections and helping us with any problems that arise. When I receive a ticket from MASSComm I know it means they are on the case and will do all it takes to get our issue resolved.

    - Arthur J., Education Technology Services

  • Great response time, and keeps us very well informed of the progress when we have issues.

    - Vernon, Retail

  • We had a system problem on a Saturday and Michael from Mass Communications was with us the whole time on the phone until the problem was solved. Can’t get that kind of support just anywhere!

    - Donald F., Automotive

  • Mass Communications is the most proactive and reliable IT services partner I have ever encountered. Whenever we have problems (rare) they respond extremely quickly. Most of the time its even before we knew there was an issue! Truly a rare find in the IT world!...

    - Peter, Consulting Services

  • Hand holding and patience, combined with always trying to please the customer – especially during install and setup... the response was proper, considerate and swift... Amazing Support!

    - Tom L., Healthcare

  • We are very happy with MassComm-extreme expertise in their field, solid and reliable at all times, very informative and immediate response from start to finish in any issue...

    - Salvina, Legal

  • If you don’t have Mass Communications as your primary ISP, you should. They always have fantastic support and take a proactive approach when dealing with my company...

    - Antonio, PR

  • A great company to deal with..

     - Joette, Hotel

  • The excellent staff at the MASS NOC identifies and acts on potential problems before they impact our internal users or customers. It’s always possible to reach a live person there.

      - Jim, IT

  • I’ve been involved in two office relocation’s and I only wish I knew MASS COM then. When we decided to switch over to MASS, I’d never experienced such a smooth transition... I wish all vendors were like this...

    - Tina C., Legal

  • I have to say that working with Mass... has been a wonderful experience. Whenever there are issues (they happen to everyone), we receive immediate support. The follow through is complete and the follow-up is always there...

    - Steven A., Non-Profit

  • Working with MASS... has always been a VERY good experience. Professional and timely responses.

    - Rolston J., Life Insurance

  • ...I can always rely on these engineers in delivering consistent high-level technical answers and solutions to my company’s bandwidth needs. Extremely professional and approachable. It is because of them that I look forward to a long relationship with MassComm.

     - Chuck, Market Data Services

  • ...We are a new client, and I have to say the service we received during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy was terrific. What a change from our prior carrier...

    - Deanna, Healthcare

  • Mass is Service Provider who everybody should use as an example. They really has a proactive response.

    - Vinicius N., Advertising

  • Great customer service and knowledgeable staff makes phone headaches go away. Thanks to everyone at MASS for going above and beyond and showing they care... MASS goes the extra mile to make sure things work...

    - Keith, Finance

  • MassComm is reliable, responsive, flexible, economical and has a great team of people that work for them. Keep up the great work.

    - Peter, Sheet Metal Processing

  • Excellent Service, no major problems to date, small problems have been addressed very satisfactorily

     - Carl A., Food Packaging

  • This company knows what customer service is. They really care about client satisfaction. Thanks so much guys.

     - Glendon S., Other

  • MASS COMM has come through for us and our clients over and over again.  They go above and beyond... Always deliver on time and their fail over/disaster recovery is the best in the industry.

    - Ron, Telecom

  • MassComm is a class act.  I am extremely grateful that our IT and phone system consultants introduced us to MassComm. I highly recommend them, you will not be disappointed. They really do care and the level of customer service and follow-up we receive are impressive.

    - Jessica, Real Estate

  • First class customer service and follow through.  As many have stated, they care about their customers.

    - Laurie, Legal

  • The techs, reps, and all the rest are nothing short of amazing when it comes to reliable service and level of knowledge. They’re proactive in every approach, thorough with every job, and very easy to work with.

    - Reggie, Finance

  • Excellent service. Reliable, quick to respond and react, very helpful, always willing to go above and beyond.

    - Katie, Hospitality

  • Service has been excellent.  I have no complaints…

    - Angela B., Engineering

  • We have been very grateful for MASS Communications’ excellent customer service! No major problems to date, however minor problems have always been dealt with promptly and sufficiently.

     - Lana H., Production

  • Throughout my career of nearly nineteen years, I’ve worked with countless companies and none have giving the type of service and attention to details like the family members of MASS Communications. Mass Communications Is One Of A Kind Company!  

    - Travis P., Security & Communications

  • All of the technicians have been extremely speedy and helpful with any issues that have come up.

    - Jamie, Executive Search

  • MassComm definitely has the best response time when it comes to down time on our service line. They're quick to catch the issue and contact you even before you know about the problem. And by the way, all customer service reps are kind and very helpful.

    - Dan C., Retail


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