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Measuring Broadband America – 2014

Background and Overview This 2014 Measuring Broadband America Report on Fixed Broadband ("Report") contains the most recent data collected from fixed Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as part of the Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) Measuring Broadband America program. This program is an ongoing, rigorous, nationwide study of consumer broadband performance in the United States. We measure…
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Most Major US Broadband ISPs Fail to Meet Advertised Speeds

Most major US broadband ISPs come close to or even surpass their advertised speed, but only some of the time, according to the latest State of US Broadband report.  The FCC released the report this week with a new measurement of service consistency. For this report the FCC measured not only the top speeds of…
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Telecommunications Service Priority |

TSP is an FCC program that directs telecommunications service providers e.g., wireline and wireless phone companies to give preferential treatment to users enrolled in the program when they need to add new lines or have their lines restored following a disruption of service, regardless of the cause. The FCC sets the rules and policies for…
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Brief Facebook outage reported

Facebook alerted the outage on Twitter around 4 a.m. ET Thursday. (CNN) -- Those early birds who start their day with a visit to Facebook were met Thursday morning with a rare error message: The social media giant appeared to be down. News of the widespread outage spread on Twitter around 4 a.m. ET and…
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