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Educational Series: Catching a Ride on the IPv6 Highway

What You Need to Know about the New On-Ramp to the Internet The internet drives much of modern life – from transactions and commerce to community connections. Every time people want to connect a PC, a smartphone or a tablet to the internet, they ultimately will need to utilize a unique public IP address. Yet,…
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Meet ALBIE from MASS on Vimeo.

ALBIE℠ knows all. ALBIE sees all. That’s just what you want for your business. ALBIE is our new proactive monitoring service for those data circuits that are not on the MASS network. Albie’s watchful eyes constantly track the mission critical interfaces of your data network 24/7/365. ALBIE notifies you when any sign of trouble is detected, while our Network Operation Center Engineers take corrective action with your carriers to resolve the issue.

The benefits that ALBIE brings to YOUR team is not being caught off guard, wasting time and resources dealing with the carriers directly. Under ALBIE’s watchful eye, we eliminate those headaches and provide you peace of mind.

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