Large Retail Department Store Chain

The Challenge

MASS was introduced to this customer in the Spring of 2013 at a large industry conference where we learned that they had a potential need for a secondary MPLS network to back up their primary provider’s network.  Beginning in July 2013 we were provided with preliminary information from the client outlining an MPLS solution they had begun to obtain pricing on. MASS’ Design Engineering team offered feedback and suggestions based on what had been provided, and we began to compile a proposal.

The Criteria

Design a 9-location MPLS network leveraging the following criteria:

  • Incorporate diverse access providers to ensure end-to-end redundancy throughout the network
  • Engineer the solution to leverage diverse LIT access providers within two data centers
  • Include low-latency routes
  • Fully manage and support demarcation equipment and all access handoffs
  • Deliver maximum bandwidth available within a given budget
  • Deliver the completed installation within 120 days


The Solution

MASS presented the initial proposal and the client was pleased with the design. However, the opportunity laid stagnant for a couple of months while the client worked through budget preparations, and vetted the proposal through their internal teams.

In September 2013 the client was ready to begin having more serious conversation about the solution. The Design Engineering team was again brought into the opportunity to work through bandwidth and routing requirements, and also discussions about equipment being provided and our Enhanced Monitoring solution. At this time, the solution changed almost entirely, and a new proposal was created.

MASS’ Business Development Manager coordinated a meeting with the customer and the other key members involved in the project. During this discussion, we were able to earn the client’s trust in our ability to provide a solution that would meet their needs, as well as design a solution that would fit into their budget.

The Result

Following multiple revisions of the proposal to show various options MASS was awarded the opportunity in December 2013, and the client has since ordered additional services.

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