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Clicking ‘Like’ can cancel your right to sue a company

Want to save 50 cents on your cereal? Better watch out. Downloading that coupon or even clicking "Like" on the cereal maker's Facebook page could cost you the right to sue the company, given the direction US companies are taking. How did that come about? As the New York Times reports, the US Fortune 500…
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KKR Adds Cyber-Risk Score to Its Assessment of Companies – Businessweek

How important is cybersecurity to investors? The private equity firm KKR (KKR) just provided its own answer to that, adding a cyber-risk score to its assessment of the companies in its portfolio. About a year ago, KKR officials decided they needed to find a way to understand the current state of security at the companies they were invested…
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Hacker Weev’s Chilling Conviction Is Overturned

A federal appeals court on Friday overturned the conviction of Andrew "Weev" Auernheimer, reversing a verdict that was viewed as having a chilling effect on the work of researchers who help keep the Internet safe. Prosecutors said Auernheimer, 28, is a publicity-hungry hacker who broke the law when he found a security flaw in an…
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