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Internet hiccups today? You're not alone. Here's why

Summary: It's not just you. Many Internet providers have been having trouble as they run into long expected (but not adequately prepared for) routing table problems. If you found your Internet speed has been pathetic today and some sites wouldn't load at all, you're not alone. The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing tables hit the…
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Why Verizon won’t solve its Netflix problem as soon as Comcast

When Netflix revealed that it had started paying Comcast for a direct connection to its network, ending a long squabble over money, Comcast subscribers almost immediately started seeing better video performance. So when Netflix agreed to pay Verizon six weeks ago in a similar “paid peering” deal, it seemed natural to assume that Verizon subscribers…
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Writers Guild of America East opposes Internet fast lanes

The Writers Guild of America East (WGAE) has made clear its opposition to any form of Internet fast lane. In a letter to the FCC, the WGAE instead called on the FCC to broaden net neutrality to prevent content and service providers from reaping gains on the backs of consumers. According to a Broadcasting &…
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