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SD-WAN: Welcome to a “SNAP-SHOT” of Software-Defined WAN

BUILDING A BETTER WAN with SD-WAN The wide area network (WAN) has always been about connecting users to applications and moving data over long distances. This includes connectivity for collaboration among enterprise users, clients, suppliers, and partners across distributed geographical locations. It also includes the movement of data over distances for disaster recovery and business…
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Educational Series: Protecting Your Voice Gateway to the World

The Role of Session Border Controllers in Safeguarding your SIP Network As the popularity of voice over IP networks, including SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), continues to increase dramatically, so does the need to protect those links from external threats. Read part two of our Educational Series: Protecting Your Voice Gateway to the World to learn…
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Educational Series: Catching a Ride on the IPv6 Highway

What You Need to Know about the New On-Ramp to the Internet The internet drives much of modern life – from transactions and commerce to community connections. Every time people want to connect a PC, a smartphone or a tablet to the internet, they ultimately will need to utilize a unique public IP address. Yet,…
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