MASS Communications is Earthquake Proof

For most people who live on the East Coast, August 23, 2011 was the first time they ever experienced an earthquake.  New Yorkers in particular are familiar with blackouts, manhole fires and floods, steampipe explosions, snowstorms and of course events like 9/11.  But an earthquake?

By now everyone has heard the term Business Continuity Plan or BC Plan.  When the earthquake hit, the building where MASS Communications is headquartered was evacuated and our office was closed. We immediately put our BC plan into action for the first time when it was not a test.

We are pleased to report that our systems, processes and resources all functioned as expected.  Incoming calls were rerouted.  Our servers and systems, which are located in data centers, functioned normally.  Our engineering team and NOC continued to monitor all of customer’s circuits via remote mobile support.

As a Telecom Management Company, we know that we must conduct “business as usual” despite unusual circumstances.  This event was a good test, which we passed with flying colors.  Our customers and partners should feel confident that MASS has a reliable BC Plan and the earthquake gave us an opportunity to execute the plan under a real life scenario.

It’s events like these that make you think about what would happen if…

To learn more about how MASS can help implement a Business Continuity Plan for your company, contact us at or 212-201-8000.

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