Network Security

MASS Managed Security Services can help your organization:

  • Ensure up-time & prevent revenue loss
  • Safeguard communication to protect transactions with partners, suppliers, and customers
  • Facilitate government and industry compliance with standards such as PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, FFIEC, GLBA, and others
  • Reduce IT security staffing and training requirements, along with technical support and upgrades
  • Decrease future hardware and software purchases, lowering capital expenditures
  • Free internal IT resources to focus on core business functions

MASS Helps Secure Your Network in an Insecure World

Cybersecurity is a critical concern in today’s always-online, bring-your-own device world. The health of your business is reliant on the security of your network. Even the smallest cyber attack can spell disaster – from personal identifiable information (PII) stolen to proprietary secrets pirated. Achieving reliable information security is where MASS Communications comes in.

Our expert security engineers stay abreast of the latest threats, trends, exploits, and other attack methods in order to identify risks and mitigate their exposure. Our in-depth internal and external network and information security vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, 24/7/365 managed security services, and vendor neutral approach achieve a level of protection you won’t find anywhere else.

How Secure is Your Network? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself:

  1. Is our organization’s network secure from intrusion and penetration 24/7/365?
  2. Does our organization maintain data integrity and comply with government and industry regulations?
  3. To what extent would a network security breach impact our business, our customers and our data?
  4. When is the last time we tested our company’s security?
  5. Would we know if we were hacked and what information was compromised?
  6. Do our employees, including remote and mobile workers, understand the risks and implications of data loss?
  7. Are we absolutely sure employees aren’t stealing our confidential data (customer lists, etc)?
  8. Do we know exactly where our company’s confidential data resides within our network?
  9. Will our customers leave us for a competitor if you lose their data?
  10. Does our company have a business continuity plan in the event of an unforeseen event?

Find out how MASS can keep your network secure.