Ethernet Over Copper

Fast connections to high bandwidth, built in diversity and quick installation timeframes.

EOC is the answer
When it comes to handling large amounts of voice and data, small and medium sized businesses, school systems and municipalities need something beyond traditional T1/E1 services... Something that gives them more...

More bandwidth, More speed, More security.

EOC uses the copper loops that already serve 99% of businesses in metropolitan areas, aggregating them to create a redundant system that protects you from data losses and increasing data transfer speeds. Our EOC solutions are fully scalable to meet your growth needs and save you money from Day 1.

This is the newest type of data packet transmission technology available.

As business technologies become more sophisticated, the need for higher speeds and larger transmission capacity also grows.  The beauty of EOC is its capacity for both speed and volume in a scalable solution that is more cost efficient than traditional T1/E1.  MASS's EOC solutions provide you with...

• Dedicated Internet speeds from 3 Mbps to 45 Mbps
• Aggregated copper loops for built-in redundancy
• On-premise equipment that uses your existing Ethernet switch or firewall
• Rapid deployment of new or upgraded EOC services
• Speedy installation based on geographic regions


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