Ethernet Over Fiber

Delivering high bandwidth for today's growing data driven world.

For single or multisite facilities and industries where high volumes of sensitive information are at issue, EOF far exceeds traditional network solutions that rely upon existing shared connectivity.

Ethernet Over Fiber is the answer...
When moving high volumes of financial, medical or sensitive information, dedicated connections and signal integrity are essential. EOF provides the perfectly tailored solution.

Ethernet Over Fiber uses...
Dedicated single and multimode fiber optic lines for enhanced security, signal integrity and speeds from 10Mbpsto10Gbps.Acompletelyscalable,customizable and reliable network solution.

EOF is the fastest, most secure transmission technology available.

• Fully scalable, with data connection speeds from 10Mbps to 10Gbps
• Dedicated single and multimode fiber optic loops
• Individually engineered to your specific requirements with the ability to incorporate diversity into the design
• On-premise equipment that uses your existing networking technology

The MASS Advantage: Our EOF solutions are fully scalable and individually engineered for your specific installation with the ability to source diverse fiber routes to multiple underlying networks. EOF combined with MASS’s superior engineering and dedicated customer service speeds along your communications flow.


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