MASS MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) sets the standard today for business wide area networking.

Through our wholesale relationship with multiple leading carriers we will offer you the ideal solution to connect your offices, data centers and even employees on the road – locally, nationwide and internationally.

MASS’s team of specialist Engineers will carry out an in-depth assessment of your business needs, both today and in the future, to provide a single MPLS solution.

MASS MPLS with QoS (Quality of Service) is the choice for today’s business and is commonly replacing antiquated point-to-point networks...

While sharing the same goals as traditional Frame Relay and ATM, MPLS is less complex and operates at a lower capital investment. Instead of setting up and managing individual points between each office, MPLS requires only one connection from your network to our network. The MPLS technology assigns the data packets private labels that identify their destination and facilitate secure passage and delivery.

QoS enables prioritization of business critical voice, data, video and database applications, allocates bandwidth to sites and applications, and promotes consistent, interruption-free network performance. Competitive SLA’s (service level agreements) ensure optimal value and return on investment.

MASS MPLS will deliver a secure, reliable, flexible, highly scalable and cost effective solution.


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