MASS is a Proud Supporter of Wired Score and the WiredNYC Initiative

Corp_logo_1color_black-and-white-150x300MASS Communications is proud to support Wired Score and the WiredNYC initiative.  "The Wired Score mission is a long overdue and very necessary initiative that we are proud to support.  All too often, unknowing tenants are occupying buildings that have inadequate bandwidth options available - failing to support their growing business requirements.  The Wired Score program is a major step in the right direction toward transparency in telecommunications options and alternatives," said Darren Mass, CEO of MASS Communications.

Wired Score is an advisory organization that manages and operates the WiredNYC certification program on behalf of the New York City Economic Development Corporation. Launched on September 30th 2013 in partnership with Mayor Bloomberg, WiredNYC is a certification program for internet connectivity that helps building owners with best-in-class connectivity drive leasing activity by promoting buildings as "tech friendly." Whether landlords are attracting a financial, tech, media firm, etc., connectivity is increasingly a differentiator as tenants evaluate buildings and spaces. Regardless of whether or not a landlord's portfolio is ahead or behind the curve, WiredNYC can drive value to all types of properties:

Well-Connected Buildings – As tenants continue to focus on connectivity and reliability, the buildings that have this infrastructure are becoming more and more valuable and desirable.

Below Average-Connected Buildings – This is an opportunity to conduct an audit of your portfolio, understand deficiencies and help improve the connectivity.

Connectivity is not an amenity, it’s a necessity. Tenant needs have evolved and they're actively looking for buildings with the best connectivity. To date there are over 90 "Wired Certified" buildings and SL Green, Rudin, Brookfield, Jamestown, ESRT, JP Morgan, The Rockefeller Group, ABS Partners, Hines & George Comfort portfolios (to name a few) are participating in the program and leading the charge to encourage transparency and ensure NYC office buildings provide the best connectivity in the world.

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