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Educational Series: Catching a Ride on the IPv6 Highway

What You Need to Know about the New On-Ramp to the Internet The internet drives much of modern life – from transactions and commerce to community connections. Every time people want to connect a PC, a smartphone or a tablet to the internet, they ultimately will need to utilize a unique public IP address. Yet,…
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Obama calls for FCC to ban fast lanes

As part of the presidents ban, he urged the Federal Communications Commission to avoid blocking websites, slowing Internet content and allowing deals that let companies pay for faster delivery. (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama called for the "strongest possible rules" to protect the open Internet, saying that there shouldn't be "fast lanes" and high-speed service…
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Echoes of Y2K: a '512K' Internet Limit Approaches

Network engineers are buzzing this week as the Internet outgrows some of its gear. Internet providers, corporations and universities all rely on a common map of routes to send emails, videos and everything else on the Web where it's supposed to go. That Internet atlas has thickened, and some of the machines that read it…
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Internet routers hitting 512K limit, some become unreliable

From performance issues at hosting provider Liquid Web to outages at eBay and LastPass, large networks and websites suffered a series of disruptions and outages on Tuesday. Some Internet engineers are blaming the disruptions on a novel technical issue that impacts older Internet routers. At the heart of the issue, the growth of routable networks…
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